Comedy & Performance

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Mommy Queerest

Mommy Queerest, written by Kat Evasco and John Caldon, and performed by Kat Evasco, tells the story of a young lesbian and her closeted lesbian mother reclaiming of their sexuality in their own ways. Drawing on her experience as a stand-up comic and comedic actress, Kat narrates this unconventional coming-out tale and tackles conflict with humorous insight, while illustrating the experience of being a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, survivor of sexual abuse and young American just trying to get some. 

Full Show: 80 Minutes

Excerpt Performance: 10 Minutes / 15 Minutes / 30 Minutes

Stand Up Comedy & Comedic Storytelling

Kat Evasco started performing at open mics at the legendary Brainwash in San Francisco in 2007 and have since performed at venues across the country including the Haha Cafe, San Jose Improv, the Purple Onion, Napa Valley Opera House, Logan Center for the Arts, Bovard Auditorium, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and FringeArts. Her comedy is inspired by her lived experiences as a queer Filipina immigrant. 


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