In Mommy Queerest, a young pinay’s world is shattered when it dawns on her that both she and her mother are lesbian. And that her mom has been raising her with a lesbian partner. And they own a house together. Plus they wear wedding rings.

What’s an unobservant budding young lesbian to do?

After a spectacularly rejected attempt to share the coming-out experience with her mom, Kat lurches through softcore rebellion and some sexploration with guys and girls, trying to figure out how she fits in with her family, church, and self.

Drawing on her experience as a stand-up comic and actress, Kat narrates this unconventional mommy/daughter tale, tackling conflict with humorous insight, while illustrating the experience of being a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, survivor of sexual abuse, and young American just trying to get some. 

Mommy Queerest, written by Kat Evasco and John Caldon, and performed by Kat Evasco, is an 80-minute comedic, autobiographical, one-woman show that provides a critical lens through which to analyze the detrimental effects of homophobia and challenge the silence that perpetuates cycles of abuse (while still making you laugh until you tinkle).



A nuanced and colloquial approach to critical race theory and gender studies, masquerading as a one-woman show.
— Chinaka Hodge, Poet & Playwright
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She’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz but brown and sex positive!!
— Marga Gomez, Comedian & Playwright
It’s one thing to talk about the importance of visibility and representation; it’s another thing to experience it.
— Spencer Shannon, Dig Boston
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