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Every social movement begins with one person telling their story.
— John Caldon

Anna Deveare Smith invited Kat to take her “Personal Narratives and Global Identities” intensive in June 2014, introducing Kat to the idea that by exploring our own narratives, we are able to connect more deeply with the world. After witnessing audiences transformed while watching “Mommy Queerest,” Kat designed a personal narrative storytelling workshop, which she has shared across the country with an array of diverse groups. Kat witnessed participants reclaiming their power by sharing a story about a profound moment in their lives when their human spirit was activated. She leads workshop participants through a dynamic process of:


1. Activation


Participants explore and revisit a moment in their lives that changed the way they looked at the world, eventually altering the way they move in the world. This connects them to a moment in their lives where they tapped into their own power and where their human spirit was activated.


2. Connection


Participants share and perform their stories for the class, creating opportunities to connect with one another by practicing empathy.


3. Amplification


One story sparks another story to emerge. Participants are ignited by the power they see in their peers and themselves, amplifying community and love.